Safety Disclaimer

Please Read Carefully

At Green Monster Fishing Light, Inc., we take our safety record seriously.  If you encounter any problems with our product, please unplug the unit and call us immediately at 334-332-0003.

Our company puts safety first and we hold our quality control and safety standards in high regard.  Each light kit is protected at the source with a GFCI plug and we require that each light kit be used in conjunction with a UL APPROVED GFCI OUTLET.  
Each unit is tested and retested for safety before being shipped. It is recommended the unit be unplugged if you plan on swimming around the light.  

The manufacturer, designer or seller of this product is not responsible for any injury, death or damage caused by the use of this product. All safety precautions must be taken while in use.  This unit must be plugged into a UL APPROVED GFCI OUTLET. The purchaser agrees to the above disclaimer by purchasing this unit.