Frequently Asked Questions

Information about Underwater Fishing Lights

How long has Green Monster been in business?

We are the originators of the underwater fishing light market and are currently our 17th year! Each unit is Handmade in the USA.

Why green?

The bulbs emit UV light and UV light is what fish like.  UV light glows green underwater. There is no colored lens to get the color.  Zooplankton, the building blocks of the food chain, will begin to make their way to the light.  Game fish seek water rich in a natural food source and their visual receptors are favorable to the blue/green light spectrum. 

Can I use them in salt and fresh water?

Absolutely!  We use all marine Grade 440 Stainless Steel and UL Listed PVC.


Safety is #1- The lights are not powered at all until dusk. When the sun goes down, the photocell on top of the unit closes the circuit and allows power to the unit. Inside the Control Box our smart ballast with bulb sensing technology takes over, which will not power the system if it senses an issue. The unit comes standard with our GFCI plug, which provides additional protection directly at the power source.

How long will the bulb last?

The average life span of a bulb is approximately 5 years of continuous nighttime usage.  Some customers have reported lifespans of 10 years! Should the bulb need to be replaced, a bulb replacement assembly can be purchased and easily self-installed without having to replace the entire light kit. 

What comes with each light kit?

Our Complete Kit Includes: Control box (Double or Single), GFCI plug, digital photocell, weight kit,50, 75 or 100 feet of underwater, PVC jacketed direct-burial cable, installation/operating instruction and underwater fixture, sealed with our proprietary UL listed potting compound made for underwater use.

Which kit should I choose?

If you have a specific target area in mind, want to create your own personal honey hole or have a smaller dock, a Single Light Kit is perfect for you.

A Double Light Kit is ideal for attracting more fish, lighting multiple locations at once, creating ambiance, and providing balance.  If you have a larger pier or boat house, a Double Light Kit or Two is for you.

Why not LED?

LED lights work great ABOVE WATER where they are known for their cool burning temperatures and crisp light.  However, underwater, the lack of UV light emitted, and low heat production allow algae and other marine organisms to grow rapidly, which requires regular cleaning.  Each of our 175-Watt self-cleaning bulbs emit UV light and generate lots of heat, which helps prevents algae and marine growth.  

Are they expensive to operate every night?

Notat all!  Although our lights are hot and bright, they are extremely efficient in converting electricity to light. The average annual cost to operate our light for 8 hours each night/365days each year is approximately $75 per year.  

How many lights do I need for my application?

Truthfully, more lights do attract more fish.However, the number of lights is a personal choice. Some customers install additional lights to achieve an aesthetic balance and others want to light up multiple boat slips. The choice is yours.

How do I get one?

Simply place the items you like in your cart online or call 334-332-0003.  We have several light kits available to suit your needs.

Who do I contact if I have an issue?

Email us at OR call us directly at 334-332-0003.  You will speak with a personal company representative. No automated hold time, numbered prompts or misdirection.  You will speak with us personally every time!

How can I remove barnacles from my light?

For our salt and brackish water customers, barnacle buildup can occur very quickly if the light is not in nightly use. The best prevention is running the light from dusk until dawn every night. Other measures include applying some barnacle resistant paint to the bulb assembly base (not on the glass itself) or simply pulling the lights out of the water and unplugging the control box when not in use for extended periods of time. However, we understand life happens, storms trip breakers when we are away and these pesky crustaceans may find their home on your fishing light. Removing their hard calcium plate can be done using some vinegar, a hard putty knife and a little elbow grease. Place 2 gallons of white vinegar in a 5 gallon bucket of water. Submerge your light in the vinegar for 30 minutes. Remove the light and gently scrape at the barnacles being careful not to break the bulb. If they are still a bit stubborn, soak a little longer and try again.