About Us

About The Owner

David Carlee earned his two bachelor’s degrees in Biology and Marine Science from the University of Alabama.  During his many years of professional experience, he has enjoyed diverse opportunities in the areas of marine science, biology and environmental planning. Working with public and private entities, David is an avid outdoorsman and has spent his professional career studying the limitless diversity in freshwater wetland systems including rivers and lakes to pelagic species in the open ocean.

Hand-Crafted in the USA

After nearly 2 decades leading the industry, The Green Monster Fishing Light® is the original and still the best submersible fishing light you can buy. The patent pending, waterproofing process is safe, dependable and delivers the most reliable underwater lighting system available.

We are family owned and operated. Each unit is hand-crafted in Alabama, USA and rigorously tested before it is carefully packaged and delivered to the customer. We pride ourselves on responsive customer service and if it is not good enough for us, it is not good enough for you.   

Our quality assurance and quality control process along with high-end components ensure the longevity and dependability of the products we manufacture.  We stand behind our products 100% and at Green Monster Fishing Light, Inc., the customer ALWAYS comes FIRST.