Double Light Kit

$ 775.00 USD

A Double Light Kit is ideal for attracting more fish, lighting multiple locations at once, creating ambiance, and providing balance. If you have a larger pier or boat house, a Double Light Kit or Two is for you.

Double the light, double the fun!  Need additional lights to attract more fish, provide visual balance or to cover a larger area?  The Double Light Kit is perfect for those with larger docks, swim platforms or multiple boat slips.  Each Light Kit is hand-crafted in the USA and every bulb is sealed with our proprietary epoxy.  Each bulb in our Double Light Kit has its own cable, which provides maximum flexibility in placement and each cable can be made to order up to 150’ in length.

The Double Light Kit includes:
Double Control Box (9.5" x 9.5" x 5") with (2) Ballasts
(2) 175-Watt HID Bulb Assemblies with up to 150’ of Cable Each
GFCI Plug and Cord
Installation Kit — Instructions, (2) Weight Bags and Zip Ties